Laboratory Members

Host-Microbiome Interactions @ WSU


Laboratory Members in December 2019, from left to right: Emma Graffice, Andrew Winters, Madison Ahmad, Kevin Theis, Jonathan Greenberg

Kevin Theis, PhD (Assistant Professor)

Google Scholar Profile

ResearchGate Profile (313-577-9746)


Andrew Winters, PhD (Research Associate) (313-577-9745)


Jonathan Greenberg, PhD (Research Associate) (313-577-9745)


Jonathan Panzer (PhD Student) (313-577-9745)


Emma Graffice (MS Student) (313-577-9745)


Former Laboratory Members

Madison Ahmad (MS Student)

Currently a PhD student at the University of Minnesota

Jonathan Greenberg (PhD Student)

Currently a Research Associate at Wayne State University

Ali Alhousseini, MD (PhD Student)

Currently a faculty member in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

Violetta Florova, MD, MS (Research Associate)

Currently an Obstetrician

Amruth Atyam (Undergraduate Honors Student)

Currently a Masters student in Biomedical Engineering at Wayne State University

Osama Alian (Research Assistant)

Currently a PhD candidate at Michigan State University

Haley Seymour (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Michael Girdler (Undergraduate Research Assistant visiting from the University of Wisconsin – Madison)

Christina Koehler (Undergraduate Research Assistant visiting from the University of Michigan)

Currently a Research Assistant at Wayne State University


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