Courses Taught

Measuring Microbial Diversity (MMG803), 2009
The objectives of this course are to provide participants with the theoretical background and practical skills necessary to conduct thoughtful qualitative and quantitative analyses of the composition and structure of microbial communities.
Co-taught w/ T. Schmidt, T. Teal & V. Gomez

Animal Behavior (ZOL313), 2005 – 2007
The objectives of this course are to develop an understanding of the ontogenetic, neural, and endocrine mechanisms underlying behavior, as well as the adaptive significance and evolutionary history of behavioral phenotypes.

Teaching Awards

Excellence-in-Teaching Citation, 2008
Michigan State University

“For demonstrating outstanding skill in undergraduate teaching.”

Excellence-in-Teaching Award, 2008
College of Natural Science, MSU

“For outstanding contributions to teaching and scholarship.”

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